3rd Spring ISFA Photo Awards, 2023

International Salon of Photography


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Best Author Award: ISFA eHonorable Mention + $175 USD, Mr. Andre BOTO (Portugal)

Unfortunately, in some sections, the submitted photos did not receive the necessary points to receive cash prizes.

Jury tried their best to have the best result. We hope to receive better photos in the next salons.

e-HM is Honorable Mention Certificates (PDF certificate). e-certificates will not be posted. Entrants are responsible for downloading and printing their e-certificates.

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Awards (Click on the title to view photo)
ISFA Gold Medal+ $150 USDBOTO, AndrePortugalRunning Out of Time
Salon Gold MedalMOHAMMADZADEH, SaeedIranEnd floating
ISFA Silver MedalRIBOKAITE, NormanteLithuaniaFishing 3
Salon Silver MedalVARASTEH, MohammadIranDefenseless nature
ISFA Bronze MedalNGUYEN, Kim CuongViet NamGold season
IAAP Bronze MedalMARTIC, NenadCroatiaChimneys of the future
Salon Bronze MedalBOTO, AndrePortugalPolluted World
ISFA RibbonKHANALIZADEH, GolrizIranDamavand
ISFA RibbonPARIGOT, GillesFranceColza
IAAP RibbonKHANALIZADEH, GolrizIranTulip
e-Honorable MentionBALKEN, MarcelNetherlands (the)Hiddenhouse
e-Honorable MentionBOTO, AndrePortugalFishing Plastic
e-Honorable MentionGHASEMI BOJD, YasinIranCamel Beach
e-Honorable MentionMALEKZADEH, AminIranSlough
e-Honorable MentionMARTIC, NenadCroatiaPlastic fantastic fish
e-Honorable MentionMASOUMI, Mohammad RezaIranBeautiful ugly
e-Honorable MentionNAVADEH SHAHLA, Amir AliIranNo water
e-Honorable MentionPARIGOT, GillesFranceSous la neige
BALKEN, MarcelNetherlands (the)Hiddenhouse
BASHA, RabiaIsraelPlane shuts down Cm 203
BASHA, RabiaIsraelWar Ukraine 226
BOTO, AndrePortugalFishing Plastic
BOTO, AndrePortugalPolluted World
BOTO, AndrePortugalRunning Out of Time
ERFANI, MostafaIranLooking For
GHASEMI BOJD, YasinIranCamel Beach
GHASEMI BOJD, YasinIranhoney bee
GOLDIN, LeonidIsraelThis is our Planet
INDULKAR, PrasadIndiaCloud cover 264
INDULKAR, PrasadIndiaWashing Water 707008
KEREKES, IstvanHungaryThe chemical plant
KHANALIZADEH, GolrizIranCaspian
KHANALIZADEH, GolrizIranDamavand
KHANALIZADEH, GolrizIranGolden Bridg
KHANALIZADEH, GolrizIranSilk Road
MALEKZADEH, AminIranSlough
MARTIC, NenadCroatiaChimneys of the future
MARTIC, NenadCroatiaPlastic fantastic fish
MASOUMI, Mohammad RezaIranAlittle blue
MASOUMI, Mohammad RezaIranBeautiful ugly
MOEINIFAR, FatemehIranBoats
MOHAMMADZADEH, SaeedIranDream of death
MOHAMMADZADEH, SaeedIranEnd floating
MOHAMMADZADEH, SaeedIranSalt mummies
MORTAZAVI, Seyed EhsanIranhardship 1
NAVADEH SHAHLA, Amir AliIranNo water
NAVADEH SHAHLA, Amir AliIranSharafkhaneh
NGUYEN, DongViet NamLooking for a source of life
NGUYEN, Kim CuongViet NamGold season
PARIGOT, GillesFranceColza
PARIGOT, GillesFranceSous la neige
RIBOKAITE, NormanteLithuaniaFishing 3
RIBOKAITE, NormanteLithuaniaIn the fog 12
TOMULIC, AleksandarCroatiaGood night
VARASTEH, MohammadIranCruel human being
VARASTEH, MohammadIranDefenseless nature
VARASTEH, MohammadIranRoga bazaar
VARASTEH, MohammadIranSurrounded by fire
ZHANG, PeixingChinaThatched huts in Wengding Vilage